Registering your own company

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General information

To be able to change the contract to Contractor, you need your own company with your own org. number. You must register it in the Enhetsregisteret to get an organization number. You can choose between registering a company as an Aksjeselskap (AS) or as an Enkeltmannsforetak (ENK).

Registering your own sole proprietorship company (Enkeltmannsforetak/ENK)

The name of the sole proprietorship must contain your name. You must use the name registered in the national register. You can read here more about choosing a name and what considerations you must take into account. 

It is important that you provide an accurate description of the activity you are going to run. You must describe what is produced, what is bought and sold or what services are performed, and in what way. The description you provide is the basis for the business code your company will receive. You can run several activities in the same sole proprietorship. 

To register the sole proprietorship, you must complete the form Samordnet registermelding. When you have filled out the form, you must sign it electronically. Register a ENK here.

Registering your own private limited company (Aksjeselskap/AS)

Private limited companies can be founded by one or more people. Both natural and legal persons (such as private limited companies) can be founders. You must be aged 18 or over in order to be a founder or perform another role in a private limited company (and not be under bankruptcy disqualification or other limitations preventing you from founding or holding a role in this company). The company must have a Norwegian business address (i.e. a Norwegian physical address which is stated in the format: street/road, house number, postcode and postal town. Postbox addresses will not be accepted).

If you plan on registering a private limited company to deliver with Wolt, you will only be able to use a company registered in your name. 

Steps to follow:

Found the company on Altinn

Found the company by completing and signing the form 'Foundation of a private limited company' on Altinn.

Contact your bank

Ask the bank to set up a share capital account. Deposit the share capital (minimum NOK 30,000) and ask for confirmation of receipt from the bank. The confirmation can also be given by an auditor, a lawyer or authorized accountant. If the share capital consists of other assets (non-cash contribution), the value of these assets must be confirmed by an auditor.

Register the company on Altinn

Register the company by following the link to register in the Register of Business Enterprises in the notification you received in your Inbox in Altinn. Confirmation that the share capital has been deposited must be enclosed.

Send the notification for signing

You will then receive a notification for signing in your Altinn inbox, which you will use in order to sign the form. The entire board of directors must electronically sign the notification, and the person who has provided confirmation that the share capital has been paid in must sign this electronically. If the company has chosen to have an auditor, the auditor must electronically sign the notification.

You will be notified when the company has been registered via your Inbox in Altinn.

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